Understanding Alpha Hydroxy Acids!

For years, dermatologists and skin care companies have been extolling the benefits of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs weaken the bonds between cells in the outer, dead layer of skin, which aids in exfoliation and speeds up the normal shedding process. By helping to remove this dull layer of dead skin cells and therefore revealing the new skin cells underneath, alpha hydroxy acids improve the texture of skin, unclog pores, can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may aid in the building of collagen and elastin; both of which help to firm skin. Until recently, those with sensitive skin weren’t able to benefit from AHAs because they tended to be somewhat harsh on skin.

Mandelic acid, however, is a relatively new AHA that is derived from bitter almonds. Mandelic acid has the unique ability to target a number of different skin care issues, such as repairing skin damaged by photoaging (prolonged exposure to the sun), combating hyperpigmentation and treating acne, without the irritation that can be caused by other alpha hydroxy acids. Another benefit is seen by those with darker skin tones. Unlike other alpha hydroxy acids, mandelic acid does not bring about the hyperpigmentation often seen as a reaction to the irritation caused by AHA use, particularly in African Americans and others with dark skin tones. Mandelic acid causes a rapid improvement in skin texture and appearance, and fine lines and wrinkles are gradually minimized over time with continued use.

Fulvic acid, another AHA, also improves the skin’s health.  It makes the skin smoother and gives you a better skin tone. Fulvic acid also rejuvenates the body’s cellular tissue, and thus slows down the aging process along with lightening hyperpigmentation without damaging the skin. The absolute best fulvic mineral acid comes from ancient deposits of lush plant matter that were buried and naturally composted over millions of years; resulting in the purest most concentrated form of organic mineral matter referred to as Humates. Humic acids are an all-natural (pure organic) substance that is the nucleus of these deposits of organic humate; created by natural beneficial microbial activity. Its function is to dissolve, and convert the metallic and mineral molecules in soils, into a form that is readily usable by humans.

Resources for this newsletter: Dermastore.com and Naturesfulvic.com

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