Radio Frequency Face Lift

Imagine….a face lift without cosmetic surgery or laser procedure, and also no down time! We can thank scientists who have listened to the outcry of those who want to look younger, but without invasive treatments. I want to introduce you to an amazing collagen fiber stimulating technology called Radio Frequency Face Lift.

The cause of collagen fiber loss in the skin is mainly due to solar exposure and the loss of growth hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. To understand the importance of collagen fibers simply, think of them as a network of thick rubber band-like fibers in the skin. When they are compromised, they become lax, elongated, and are no longer linked together. Muscle weighs more than skin which is attached to the muscles. Therefore, the weight of the muscles along with the laxity of collagen fibers in the skin, allows skin sagging. As we age, these fibers are not resilient to our facial expressions anymore and lines begin to appear.

This is how radio frequency works to create a face lift. Our specially designed radio frequency equipment diverts SAFE radio frequency energy through the epidermis and forces it to take a longer, deeper route focused in the dermis. This focused dermal deep heating, triggers metabolic changes which; causes collagen fiber remodeling and production, thickens and smoothes wrinkles, and targets laxity of the face and neck. The results are; reduction of wrinkles, improvements in the texture and laxity of the skin, and it now enables your skin to hold the sagging muscles back in place again. With no pain (only a warming affect) and in a short period of time, the radio frequency skin tightening is a permanent solution towards stronger existing and new collagen strands.

In order to increase and maintain the results of radio frequency treatments, collagen stimulating products should be used at home. For your daytime moisturizer we recommend products with apricots and carrots for their healthy amounts of vitamin A& C. They are each packed full of anti-oxidants to protect against photo damage which creates deterioration of the skin and leads to premature aging. The high level of beta carotene in carrots reverses cell damage done to the body through regular metabolism. Thus, it helps in slowing down the ageing of cells. It also is abundant in soothing and cooling effectiveness for the skin. For your evening moisturizer we recommend products with red clover and castor oil. Red clover estrogens improve skin in many ways; they increase collagen content, skin thickness, and improve skin moisture. Red clover (isoflavones), are effective in reducing skin aging induced by estrogen deprivation. Castor oil, when applied to the skin, penetrates deep and stimulates the production of collagen as well as elastin. This in turn helps soften and hydrate the skin, and delays the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

While it is impossible to stop the natural aging process, it is possible to delay it with our Radio Frequency treatments.

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