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Elina Organics Elina Organic Skin Care Products

Historically, Russian esthetic traditions have been rooted in holistic principles based on the interconnection between the skin and other organs of the body.  For centuries, the therapeutic uses of plants, marine elements, and minerals have been important elements of Russian skin care.

Elina Fedotova, owner and creator of Elina Organics, has been sharing her unique passion for natural skin care since immigrating to the United States in 1991.  She deeply believes that holistic beauty treatments and natural skin care products can deliver dramatic and long lasting results, without the health risks associated with surgical face-lifts and other invasive procedures.  She has sought out the finest and purest ingredients from all over the world.

In her laboratory, she personally creates her skin care products by hand, therefore insuring fresh and  effective products.  She changes her formulations seasonally, yet the active ingredients in the product remain the same.  The composition varies just enough to keep your skin responsive.  Many of the Elina Organics products are infused with the energies from precious and semi-precious gemstones which create a stronger mineral pallet.


Ilike Organic Skin Care ilike skin care products

Hungary, a land blessed with fruits, vegetables, and herbs that draw their succulence from the soil and thermal hot springs of the Carpathian Basin, is long known for being rich in minerals and trace elements found nowhere else on earth.  Due to the soil, the somewhat dry climate and abundance of sunshine, Hungarian herbs and fruits are proven to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and aromatic agents than the world average.

Ilike Molnar, lovingly known as “Aunt Ilike” (i-lee-ke), has been creating organic skin care products since the late 1950’s.  She believes that what we need to maintain health and beauty can be drawn from nature around us.

Ilike Organic Skin Care is made in small batches from organically grown and handpicked herbs, fruits, and vegetables containing the highest possible levels of natural active ingredients.  For over 50 years in practice and through extensive research, these potent natural ingredients have demonstrated their therapeutic and beautifying effects; resulting in clear, balanced, and glowing complexions.


Osmosis Skin Care


Osmosis + Colour is a long lasting, stay true color cosmetic line, filled with skin nourishing vitamins and antioxidants. It contains Goji Berry, an amino acid and protein complex, and is Bismuth free! It also does not contain parabens, talc, or dyes. All dry products are triple milled enabling pores to breathe, and contain SPF 25. All compacts are refillable.

Osmosis Colour offers virtually seamless and natural looking coverage that will not look heavy, oxidize during the day, or accentuate pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is formulated with amino acids and a complete spectrum of antioxidants along with zinc oxide for soothing benefits and UV protection. Osmosis offers a complete cosmetic line for all skin types and complexions.


Osmosis UV Neutralizer Harmonized WaterUV_Neutralizer_TanEnhance_H20_550px

This revolutionary technology uses scalar waves imprinted on water molecules. The UV Neutralizer Harmonized water neutralizes UV Radiation and allows for increased sun exposure (30X’s more than normal).



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