Facial Treatments


Facial Treatment Customized for You.

65 minutes; $120

Analyzing your skin’s unique needs, we blend the ingredients and treatments for each individual facial from scratch. Each facial will include; cleansing, detoxifying, exfoliation, treatment (enzyme or acid or caviar serums along with state-of-the-art equipment), nourishing, and massage. This facial will be combined with a ‘taste’ of micro-current. Your skin will feel and look clean, smooth, fresh, and renewed.

Mermaid Sea Pearl Peptide Facial Treatment

65 minutes; $120

Sea (saltwater) pearls occur spontaneously in the wild.  These wild pearls are referred to as natural sea pearls.  Sea pearls are widely believed to help improve the appearance of the skin in many ways.  They have been used as a beauty treatment as far back as Empress Wu Ze Tian (625 AD-705 AD).  The medical book Bencao Gangmu of the Ming dynasty claimed that sea pearls can stimulate new skin growth and healing, release toxins, and remove sun damage and age spots.  Scientists have now as well found that sea pearls are highly effective in reducing the aging process of the skin.  Pearl contains a number of amino acids (peptides/proteins), over 30 trace minerals, and a high concentration of calcium.  The perfect facial treatment for any skin type!

Radio Frequency Facelift

Face Only, 45 Minutes: $120
Face & Neck, 60 Minutes: $140
Face, Neck & Decolletage, 70 Minutes: $160
Add: Facial Treatment Customized for You: $120

Our specially designed radio frequency hand piece uses sophisticated algorithms that control electrode polarity, diverting RF energy through the epidermis and forcing it to take a longer, deeper route focused in the dermis. This focused dermal heating causes collagen remodeling and a volumetric tightening, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles as well as improvements in the texture and laxity of the skin.  With no pain (only a warming affect) and in a short period of time, the radio frequency skin tightening is a permanent solution toward stronger and new collagen strands.

Melasma & Sun Damaged Facial Treatment

75 minutes; $135

This facial treatment combines Mandelic Acid, Fulvic Acid (each relatively new natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids) micro-dermabrasion, and a facial treatment customized for you. This facial has the unique ability to target different skin issues, such as repairing skin damage by photo-aging, combating hyper-pigmentation, treating acne, evening skin tone, and leaving it smoother. Fulvic Acid also rejuvenates the body’s cellular tissue, and thus slows down the aging process. It can literally bring life back to dying or disintegrating skin. All of this is achieved without damaging the skin! This facial will be combined with a ‘taste’ of micro-current. We recommend 6 once-a-month treatments for maximum results.

Acne Clearing With Facial Treatment Customized for You.

60-75 minutes; $120

Acne is a skin condition that shows up as different types of bumps.  They include whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and cysts that are filled with pus.  About 8 in 10 preteens and teens have acne, along with many adults.  Our acne treatments include facial cleansing, vacuum, mineral detoxifying mask, extractions, organic salicylic acid treatment, diamond micro-dermabrasion (when needed), application of treatment serum penetrated with either ultra-sound, high frequency, cold laser, or blue LED lights.  A light massage will be performed with natural healing products customized for your skin.  Some simple life style changes will be suggested.  We recommend 6 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Celluma Acne Treatment Only

30 Minutes; $50

This safe, specialized (FDA approved) light emitting diode (LED) device treats inflammatory acne vulgaris. Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA, the Celluma triggers a cascade of metabolic process which restores compromised cellular function, creating a path to revitalized skin health. This treatment includes cleansing and treatment serum. You will lie under the Celluma hood for 30 minutes. We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments, 2 per week.

Micro-current w/Cold Derma Laser Treatment & Facial Treatment Customized for You.

(Non-invasive face lift; face & neck are included)
75 minutes; $160

Micro-current; an FDA approved non-invasive unit utilizes gentle electrical stimulation to trigger and exercise muscle structure and rejuvenates the lymphatic system.  It also activates the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at the cellular level leading to collagen production..

Cold Laser: This non-invasive ‘painless’ laser light was created for astronauts and our troops with injuries to expedite the restoration of damaged cell structures.  It is also suggested as a treatment for Rosacea, inflammation, anti-aging, antioxidant and healthy skin regeneration.

We recommend 1 treatment for a special occasion or 6 to 12 treatments 1 week apart for more lasting results.  *Note: not suggested for pregnant women or those with implanted electrical devices.

Crystal-Free Diamond Micro-dermabrasion with Facial Treatment Customized for You

65 minutes; $120

This treatment includes facial cleansing, diamond peel micro-dermabrasion (gentle suction lifts the skin into contact with a diamond tipped wand, which abrades and smoothes the skin as it glides over its surface), application of treatment serum customized for each clients specific needs, a ‘taste’ of the cold laser, nourishing masks penetrated with ultrasound and a light facial massage with application of customized moisturizer and eye cream.  I recommend 6 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Hot Chocolate Facial Treatment Customized for You

65 minutes; $120

Chocolate is thought to be the prized solution to perfect skin care.  Chocolate is one of the most nourishing food known to man.  The aroma itself is completely decadent.  You can enjoy this facial without those nasty calories.  This is the perfect gift for anyone!

Diamond, Emerald & Sapphire Gemstones with Facial Treatment Customized for You

65 minutes; $120

This treatment includes diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires which have been used for centuries for beauty and wellness purposes.  Diamonds are an amplifier of energy, tightening & brightening of the skin.  Emeralds are known to soothe eyes & sinuses as well as reduce puffiness.  Sapphire (the tranquil stone) improves elasticity and releases tension carried in the facial muscles.  These actual stones and their bioenergized imprints (including gold and silver) will be used.  This facial will be combined with a ‘taste’ of the micro-current and cold derma laser.  We recommend 6 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Men’s Distinguished Facial Treatment Customized for You.

65 minutes; $120

During this luxurious customized facial, we address the skin needs specifically for men.  We will custom blend organic ingredients to create fresh masks along with the use of Distinguished Organic Skin Care Collection for men by Elina Organics.  Distinguished facial for men includes cleansing, vacuum, extractions, exfoliation, cold laser treatment as well as aroma therapeutic lymph drainage massage around the face and neck.  This treatment will be finished with Distinguished Face and Eye Cream.  I recommend 6 once-a-week treatments for best results.  Men book their own treatments after one of these!

Intensive Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

45 minutes; $75
Add: Facial Treatment Customized for You; $90

This revitalizing treatment includes ultrasonic massage, along with the Clarisonic Opal to penetrate a special blend of natural vitamins and proteins to nourish and improve the appearance of the eye area.  After your service, you will notice your eyelids are firmed and toned.  Fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles are reduced.  We recommend 3 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Lip Treatment

45 minutes; $75
Add: Facial Treatment Customized for You; $90

The most stubborn wrinkles to treat are around the lips.  We can help you with a special lip area treatment which includes micro-dermabrasion around the lips, succinic acid, ultrasonic massage, and penetration of natural skin nutrients to produce more collagen (ester C, retinol palmitate, silk amino acids, etc.).  Five minutes of micro-current and therapeutic cold laser will stimulate the regenerative process and tighten the muscles around the lip area.  You will see the results after your first treatment!  We recommend 3 once-a-week treatments for maximum results.

Intensive Neck + Decolletage Treatment (Lightning or Tightening)

45 minutes; $75
Add: Facial Treatment Customized for You; $90

For this treatment, depending upon your skin care desire, see description of the Melasma & Sun Damaged Facial Treatment (*Lightning) or the Micro-current w/Cold Derma Laser Treatment (*Tightening).

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