Client Testimonials

“I wanted to send you a quick message letting you know how great my skin looks today even though I barely slept last night! My skin is glowing, plump, and tight! After I left yesterday I met up with my team and a woman said I looked 20! I’ll have to do that facial before a photoshoot or other things.”

                                                                                                                                                                           ~Jill Braxmeyer, Vista

“I had my first visit this week and she is amazing. You should all do yourself a favor and go see her.”

 ~Debbie Dolan, Encinitas

“She is my personal Esthetician Extraordinaire! She has been in the business for many years and works miracles on skin.”

~Jana Lucacionni, Rancho Santa Fe

“Again, your time and attention make me feel very special….and that’s always a good thing!”

~Patricia O’Brien, Carlsbad

“Thank you for this wonderful treatment today! I look forward to my next one. You’re so lucky you can do this for yourself!” 

~Grace Maile, San Clemente

“How could we not be there? My unique beauty treatment of the year! Looking forward to seeing you again.”

~Adeline Guilhen, Paris, France

“I used it over the weekend (Osmosis Harmonized H2O) and I had good results. I did a combo the first day but I would still have gotten burned out riding with only sunscreen on and I didn’t get anything.”

~ Renee Woods, Elfin Forest

“I will say that without using sunscreen, I did very well.” (Osmosis Harmonized H2O)

~ Elaine Russo, Carlsbad


“I had great success with the sunscreen water.  I traveled recently to Lake Havasu (110 degrees and on a boat all day).  Typically, I come home scorched fromt he sun and dryness of the environment.  Not this time :)”

~ Caroline Maroney, Encinitas

“I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you thank you for the wonderful experience…again!!  You truly pamper me!  Didn’t tell my husband I came to see you…shhhh!  He’ll just think I’m naturally glowing :-)”


” Yup! Lovin’ the cremes :-)”

~Jeanette Santino, Carlsbad

“That facial yesterday was sublime. Do you like honey? I will bring you a jar.”

~Jasanna Maher, Carlsbad

“Thank you again for your time and knowledge”.

~Margaret L., Wellsboro, PA

“I have Yelped many others. I love the products. I am seeing a change in my skin, softer looking.”

 ~Vicki Barclay, San Diego

“Thanks for making time for me on Saturday.  Now I can go to New York feeling my best!”

~Patricia K., Carlsbad

“When Charlene Handel creates her magic, there is a balance between information and beauty!  She poises the critical information that is needed to address your skins particular issues then selectively and carefully adds the mixtures that make you beautiful!  Her back facials are unlike any I have had as she gives you the same attention you would receive for a facial.  Charlene will work within your skins needs to get a polished and professional glow with each and every visit.  I am very pleased with the work she has committed to rendering so masterfully, which helps me to continue looking so young!  Thanks Charlene for “beautifying my inner and outer world”.          

~Kim H., Rancho Santa Fe

“I just had to call and say thank you again because the work on the scar is so good as is my facial.  I’ve recommended my granddaughter who has adult acne and she’ll be calling you soon”.

~Edith L., San Diego

“Thank you so much!  I’m going to buy some products tomorrow and give them a try.  I’m glad April introduced me to you and I can’t believe you calmed my skin so fast”!

~Giselle J., San Diego

“I write to purchase another bottle of Elina Organics face wash.  I love it”!

~Jessica S, San Francisco

“Thank you again for an informative and wonderful session today.  My skin feels great!  I WILL tell my esthetician for many years about your training and give her your info.  I’ll hand out your card to others I think would love your services”.

~June G., Del Mar

“You have so many special healing talents that need to be shared with others.  Your clients are truly blessed”.

~Keeley B., Washington, D.C.

“That facial yesterday was sublime”!

~Jasanna M., Encinitas

“I’m looking forward to working with you to improve the health of my skin.  I’m committed to rejuvenating myself in body, mind & spirit.  Thank you for being a part of my success team”.

~Kathy S., San Diego

“Your time and attention make me feel very special, and that’s always a good thing”!

~Pat K., Carlsbad

“My facial was awesome!  Truly it was great and I’m looking forward to my next facial treatment”.

~Evelyn P., Oceanside

“Lovin’ the creams..;-)”

~Jeannette S., San Marcos

“I’m really, really happy with the results of my facial.  My skin feels and looks a thousand times better than I’ve seen in years.  I also love the products and have told a couple of friends about you.  Thank you so much, will call soon for a tune-up”!

~Ingrid A., San Diego

“Just to let you know, I am enjoying the products I bought a couple of weeks ago.  I enjoyed the facial and hope to do it again soon”.

~Deborah S., Vista

“I have been in Utah and your skin products are saving my skin!  I really love them”.

~Elaine R., Carlsbad

“I went home and wrote you an awesome review on Yelp.  I hope it sends you more customers like me who really love what you do”.

~Shauna A., Carlsbad

“Thank you for the facials.  So far the products are working well!  The cleanser feels light and smells good too”.

~Jessica B., San Diego

“It was a wonderful facial, and my face looked great afterward”.

~Mary Kate A., San Diego

“I think having the facial with you really jump-started Heather into her self care regimine.  I will have her return in a couple months”.

~Christine M., Del Mar

“I loved the facial !!!!  Thanks for spending so much time with me!  I look forward to being able to do it again”.

~Stacy U., San Marcos

“I’m looking forward to a facial with you and talking about what my skin needs from a holistic point of view”.

~Lisa M., San Marcos

“Your professionalism in business is such an inspiration to me and you are a great role model and mentor”.

~Joanna, Encinitas

“I have to tell you, my skin showed a dramatic difference immediately after that first facial, and it kept getting better as the days went on.”

~Holly P., Cardiff by the Sea

“Just getting back from camping and the package was waiting for me on the porch! After washing away a one-night, 30 mph wind, low 40 degree camping trip @ Mt. Laguna, the products made my face feel so good! Perfect! Thanks so much!”

~Cyndi W., San Diego

I’m very happy with the way my skin is looking. See you Wednesday.”

~Geoff M., San Marcos

“My Skin’s Best Friend”– Article testimonial

~Tina W., Carlsbad

“I tried someone local for a facial since I didn’t have the time to get up to you and it only confirmed to me that I need to MAKE the time to see you”

~Jan L., San Diego

“Charlene is a precious find. Her facials are not only done with care but they are customized to each person and their specific needs. Charlene will do whichever treatments are necessary to help repair your skin for the same cost. She does not up sell you at all! If you need microderm abrasion and three other techniques used at one time then that is what your skin gets for ONE price! I would drive anywhere to use her services! Plus she is Organic, doesn’t get better then that!”

~Katie B., Point Loma

“I met Charlene a couple of years ago when I got my first facial. My girlfriend, who’s also a client, made an appointment for me to have a facial before we got married. She said she wanted me to look my best for that day, but I thought I looked just fine already. After the facial I saw a big difference in my skin and I even looked younger! I book my own appointments now and have never missed a month. And I faithfully use her organic products. Thanks Char!!!”

~Kevin P., Carlsbad

“I have been a client of Charlene’s for years. I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else for my skincare needs. She is an amazing organic esthetician! I not only get facials every two weeks but I also use the Elina products. My skin has never looked this great. I would recommend Charlene to anyone who is looking to improve the look of their skin without invasive surgeries or processed products.”

~Gretchen F., Encinitas

“I’ve never had a facial before and honestly never thought it was even an option for men. I must say that the treatment received from Charlene made my face feel like it could breathe again and when I looked in the mirror I could see how much healthier my skin was. I can’t wait until my wife schedules me for my next appointment”

~Kambiz B., San Diego

“I wanted to thank you so much for the products you recommended and sold to me. I am using the daily and really loving them. They are a perfect match for me and I haven’t seen my skin so happy in years. I am so grateful that I have found you.”

~Jessica S., San Francisco

“I’ve experienced many facials … but Charlene’s facials rock! ORGANIC, CUSTOM BLENDED AND MAJOR RESULTS – need I say more?! I really do love the fact that she blends an organic facial with her cutting edge technology and she is an evolved, knowledgeable and motivated esthetician to boot!”

~Lisa P., San Diego

“After using prescribed medication for my skin that was not working, I went to Charlene Handel for help. Not only did she change the health of my skin, but improved the well being of my body by using organic products. By using the at-home products with Charlene’s facials, my skin is refreshingly calm and relaxed. I was lucky enough to meet such an exceptional women and role model.”

~Gracie M., Vista

“I have been dealing with persistent acne and oily skin since the age of twelve. For years I relied on a dermatologist. The numerous product lines I used dried my skin out terribly without clearing the acne. One line actually bleached everything it touched. When I first started seeing Charlene I was home for a visit from Boston. I had one of her facials and purchased a few products she recommended. What a difference! My skin was clear and my pores much smaller. From then on I made a point to see Charlene every time I was home. Now that I live in Southern California, I drive over 80 miles one-way for a facial once a month. My skin looks fantastic! It looks and feels so healthy and I receive compliments all the time.”

~Kathryn M., Fullerton

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