You Can Drink and Eat Your Sunscreen

As a Holistic Esthetician I am constantly asked; ”Is there an alternative to wearing sunscreen?” The answer is, yes!

Being the recipient of the ravages of UV radiation will cause; acceleration of the aging process, hyper & hypo pigmentation, sunburns, and skin cancer. Therefore, most but not all, dutifully and unhappily apply their sunscreen.

What are some complaints about applying sunscreen? I’ve listened to a plethora of complaints, and some of them are: “too greasy, oily, white, and shiny”, “don’t like the feel of it on my skin or re-applying” (especially over makeup), and “don’t want the chemicals introduced into my blood stream by putting it onto my skin or by inhaling the spray sunscreens”.

What are the alternatives? I’d like to talk about UV Protection Harmonized Water and foods. Let’s start with the readily available water, and then I’ll give you some great food tips.

What is UV Protection Harmonized Water? It is a remarkable technology that imprints radio-waves from nature and/or the human body onto water molecules. The water carries these “frequency messages” in its proton/electron outer shell for extended periods of time. Water is used because it has the ability to “stack” thousands of frequencies onto one molecule. Our bodies are 80% water; therefore once the water is consumed it takes approximately 1 hour to move through the human system and reach the outer most layers of the skin, where it acts as a UV radiation protection of approximately SPF 30. These frequencies will neutralize the UV radiation and not allow their absorption into the body for up to 3 hours.

The water is non-toxic because it’s simply water. Your body will ignore excess frequencies that are not needed so you cannot overdose. Clinical trials showed only 3 percent of individual’s bodies did not recognize the frequency messages.

Here are some great food tips to aid as sunscreen! There is evidence that common foods may have protective ability against UV radiation if taken for a period before the exposure. Among them, are foods rich in antioxidants which include; berries, beans, artichoke hearts, apples, pecans, and grapes. Bright colored veggies (orange, yellow, and purple) also lend a hand to sun protection. Some of these are; tomatoes, carrots, yellow peppers, and eggplant.

A 2013 study, published in the Journal of Science, demonstrated that taking supplements such as; Vitamin C, E, A, and Resveratrol, can reduce the amount of sunburn. Twenty minutes per day in the morning or afternoon sun without sunscreen, is commonly accepted as safe exposure to the sun to absorb your Vitamin D.

If you are ingesting or applying to your skin photo sensitizing medications neither of these methods will be full proof. Be sure to research your medications.

*The UV Protection Harmonized Water is available at my office.

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